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GCI empowers local entrepreneurs through Anchorage Community Land Trust

GCI’s $15,000 donation will support early-stage food businesses

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Anchorage’s culinary scene is booming as new restaurants and food trucks open, serving everything from burgers and pizza to regional cuisine and international delicacies, but it’s no secret that success in the food business can be elusive. Through a $15,000 donation to the Anchorage Community Land Trust (ACLT), GCI is helping close that gap for local entrepreneurs and aspiring chefs.

ACLT will use GCI’s contribution to help purchase a food truck that will be permanently located on the site of the organization’s Grow North Farm in Anchorage’s Mountain View neighborhood. The food truck will serve Grow North Farm and ACLT’s flagship Set Up Shop program as an incubator for early-stage food businesses.

“Our Set Up Shop program has served over 270 entrepreneurs, with more than 60% operating food-based businesses, and what we’ve found is that one of the biggest obstacles for these business owners is an extreme lack of affordable, available, and permitted kitchen space,” said ACLT’s CEO, Kirk Rose. “Last summer, we were able to rent a food truck for the season for our clients to use and it was a huge success, with each entrepreneur earning an average of $1,000 a night in new income while learning how to grow and scale their products. Now, with support from community partners like GCI, we’ll be able to make it a permanent fixture at our Grow North Farm.”

Budding culinary business owners will be able to use the food truck as a platform to test their menus and learn the ins and outs of cooking on a line in a timely manner without the financial risk of purchasing a vehicle of their own.

“Great food and a strong local economy benefit us all, and GCI is proud to support ACLT and their efforts to empower Anchorage’s entrepreneurs,” said GCI Chief Marketing Officer Kate Slyker. “We’re excited to experience all the new, delicious food and support the local businesses that make them happen.”

GCI is one of Alaska’s leaders in corporate philanthropy, donating approximately $2 million each year in cash, products, and connectivity to organizations across the state. GCI is committed to giving back to the communities it serves, and diversity, equity and inclusion are an important area of focus for giving for the company. Giving back is also a company value as employees receive 16 hours of paid leave to volunteer with local organizations.

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