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Workplace Culture

GCI Women’s Network inspires inclusion at Alaska’s largest telecom

Pair of GCI executives share career advice, offer perspective for those aspiring to lead

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — In celebration of International Women’s Day during Women’s History Month, the GCI Women’s Network (GWeN) Business Resource Group hosted a panel discussion on inspiring inclusion at GCI. The panel featured Chief Customer Experience Officer Maureen Moore and Chief Strategy Management Officer Katie Carrigan as they shared their career journeys and advice to other women navigating the workplace.  

The conversation covered a wide range of topics that often came back to a few common threads – make sure your voice is heard, bring your full self to the table, and always strive to understand.  

“Never be afraid to ask a question,” said Moore. “The number of times that people who, after the fact, have said ‘I’m really glad you asked that question,’ is noteworthy. People are afraid to ask because we’re afraid we’re going to look stupid, but chances are you’re not the only one who wants to ask that question, and you are going to be able to do a better job if you fully understand what the issue is, what the assignment is, and what the purpose is. You just need to be the one brave enough to ask.”

"Not long after I started at GCI, I was invited to a meeting about a big project I was asked to be a part of,” said Carrigan. “The room was full of executives who were talking about this effort, but there wasn’t much progress being made. So, I decided to speak up and get the group to address the basic objective and outline the steps needed to get the project done. It was nerve racking to speak up in that group of people, but we were able to get the project back on track, so it was worth it. The decision to make my voice heard really helped spark my professional opportunities and grow my career at GCI. I appreciate the leadership support and cultivation of a company culture that allows all employees to have their voice heard.”

GWeN is one of four Business Resource Groups at GCI, including the BLACQ, PRIDE and Indigenous BRGs, that are part of GCI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program. The BRGs have not only created strong bonds between employees within the company, but also allowed the GCI team to better serve its Alaska customers by amplifying the voices of historically underrepresented communities.

“Since 2015, GWeN has strived to connect, inspire, and empower women to reach their full potential as leaders in the telecommunications industry, in their communities, and in the lives of each other,” said GCI Service Management Center Manager and GWeN Chair Adriana Hardin. “Conversations like this one are a fantastic opportunity for GCI employees to ask questions and gain perspective. It also helps grow and support GCI’s pipeline of leaders and address issues that impact women not just at GCI, but at local, national, and global levels.”

Business Resource Groups, sometimes called employee resource groups, have been identified as a best practice for companies that want to make their organizational culture more inclusive. Members of the BRG work to support each other, gain networking opportunities with other members of the community and with allies, reduce silos around the company, and inform business decisions through a unique lens. The BRG also works with GCI executive leadership to ensure that policy, procedure, marketing and products take the community into consideration and remain authentic.

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