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The results are in: GCI’s Anchorage mobile network is twice as fast as AT&T!

Local Alaska provider’s wireless download speeds beat national carrier

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – New download speed test results from Score Technologies, a third-party tester, indicate that GCI’s reinvented Anchorage mobile network is twice as fast as AT&T! In addition to significantly faster data download speeds in Alaska’s largest city, the tests conducted in September 2020 also found that GCI voice service was significantly more reliable.

The tests, which were conducted in the Anchorage Bowl (not including Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson), clocked GCI’s average LTE data download speed at nearly 115 Mbps. AT&T LTE averaged just over 57 Mbps.

“The results are in: GCI’s Anchorage wireless service beats AT&T with faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls,” said GCI Chief Customer Experience Officer Maureen Moore. “Our reinvented Anchorage wireless network is delivering seamless data connectivity to Alaskans and is second-to-none in the state’s largest market.”

GCI has made significant investment in Anchorage over the past two years to deliver 5G service and improve LTE speeds in Alaska’s largest city. GCI’s new, vastly more capable network will serve as the blueprint for GCI’s network modernization efforts in other Alaska cities.

“With data download speeds twice as fast as AT&T and 75% fewer dropped calls, you don’t have to worry about having adequate connectivity for remote working or distance learning,” said GCI Chief Marketing Officer Kate Slyker. “GCI is keeping Alaskans connected better than ever before!”

GCI’s Hometown project has not only delivered the first standards-based 5G network to Anchorage but has also improved 4G LTE speeds for all GCI wireless customers across the city. That means GCI customers don’t need a 5G phone to get the benefits of GCI’s next generation network upgrades. When the 5G wireless project is completed, every sector of each cell site will be outfitted with five radios to utilize GCI’s low-band and mid-band radio spectrum, driving massive improvements in speed and coverage, particularly in-building coverage. GCI’s fiber network, the backbone of the project, will deliver broadband connectivity to each of the upgraded cell sites.

Over the past 40 years, GCI has invested more than $3 billion to deliver communications services throughout Alaska. GCI employs nearly 2,000 Alaskans and serves more than 200 communities across the state.

For more information about GCI and its 5G network, visit https://www.gci.com/mobile/5g.

Disclaimer: Terms and conditions and additional charges and fees may apply. Comparison with AT&T based on SCORE Technologies drive tests conducted September, 2020 in Anchorage, Alaska. Results do not include Elmendorf, JBER, Fort Richardson, or areas outside the Anchorage Bowl, and data speeds are based on average download throughput. Drive test results are based on outdoor cell reception. Individual data speed results vary based on many factors including but not limited to device type, terrain, and number of users on the network. View GCI’s service terms and conditions at https://www.gci.com/about/terms-conditions/mobile/wireless-service.

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