Closing the Digital Divide

Closing the digital divide: Nome & Kotzebue data use increases over 560% with GCI’s 2 gig

The home of the Iditarod is now the home for wicked-fast internet

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – When GCI launched its lightning-fast 2 gig internet service in Nome and Kotzebue, things were bound to change. What was unclear, however, is by exactly how much. The results are in, and GCI is pleased to announce that internet usage in these two remote Northwest Alaska communities increased by over 560% in January 2022. 

The dramatic upgrade to 2 gig internet speeds was the result of a partnership between GCI and Quintillion to deliver fiber-based, urban-level services to both communities for the very first time, reducing costs and increasing available internet speeds by 200 times. 

“GCI is committed to closing the digital divide in Alaska. Bringing 2 gig service to Nome and Kotzebue is a significant milestone in that effort—especially when many large cities in the Lower 48 are still dreaming of those speeds,” said GCI Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Billy Wailand. “Access to fast, reliable connectivity is more important now than ever before, and our customers in Nome and Kotzebue have proven that point. Fiber service is a game-changer. Right now, 80% of Alaskans can access 2 gig speeds, but we’re not done. Bringing 2 gig service to the Aleutians is next.”  

Because fiber delivers the fastest speeds and almost limitless capacity, it’s GCI’s first choice when geography and technology permit and is a key element of the GCI’s rural strategy. In addition to partnering with Quintillion to bring fiber-based 2 gig service to Nome and Kotzebue, GCI is in the midst of another transformative infrastructure project to deliver fiber-based connectivity to customers in six Aleutian communities. 2 gig service is expected to launch in Unalaska later this year. 

Because not all communities can be reached with fiber or microwave networks, GCI also invested $150 million in a partnership with satellite company Intelsat last year to dramatically increase the availability of satellite capacity statewide and is actively engaged in discussions with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) providers about integrating this exciting new technology into GCI’s toolkit once it is fully operational.  

About GCI 

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