Wireless Initiatives

GCI bringing faster data speeds to Bristol Bay

Dillingham, Manokotak, Aleknagik and Clark’s Point slated to see improved mobile service

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Faster mobile data speeds have come to Bristol Bay! GCI earlier this month launched its first upgraded wireless sites in Dillingham as part of a project to bring improved voice service and faster mobile data speeds to Dillingham and surrounding communities.

The first phase of the project includes upgrades to a total of five wireless sites in Dillingham, which will be turned up individually as the project progresses over the coming months. Dillingham customers can expect service improvements, including voice and data speeds, as each site is turned up and performance on the site optimized.

The project leverages network improvements from a previous partnership between GCI and Nushagak Electric and Telephone Cooperative (NETC). GCI also plans to bring faster speeds to three more Southwest Alaska communities – Manokotak, Aleknagik and Clark’s Point in the future.

“This project demonstrates GCI’s continued commitment to serving and investing in rural Alaska. These service improvements will make a big difference for our customers in Southwest Alaska’s economic hub,” said GCI Chief Customer Experience Officer Maureen Moore. “GCI and NETC have long partnered to deliver and improve connectivity throughout the Bristol Bay region and we greatly appreciate their support in helping us increase data speeds to the region.”

Dillingham, Manokotak, Aleknagik and Clark’s Point are home to more than 3,100 year-round residents, with populations that greatly expand during fishing season when seasonal workers take part in the world-famous Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run.

About GCI

GCI provides data, mobile, video, voice and managed services to consumer, business, government, and carrier customers throughout Alaska, serving more than 200 communities. The company has invested substantially more than $3 billion in its Alaska network and facilities. Most recently, GCI launched true standards-based 5G NR service in Anchorage, now the nation’s northernmost 5G service area.

Headquartered in Alaska, GCI has delivered services for more than 40 years to some of the most remote communities and in some of the most challenging conditions in North America. GCI employs nearly 2,000 Alaskans. Learn more about GCI at GCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of GCI Liberty, Inc. (Nasdaq: GLIBA, GLIBP). Learn more about GCI Liberty at