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GCI launches 5G mobile service in Nome and Kotzebue

With recent launch, GCI now offers 5G in more than a dozen Alaska communities

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — GCI’s 5G mobile momentum continues with this week’s launch of the lightning-fast wireless service in Nome and Kotzebue. GCI, Alaska’s largest telecommunications provider, invested $5.3 million to deploy 5G in the two Northwest Alaska communities as it extends 5G service throughout even more of the state.

With Nome and Kotzebue residents now enjoying the benefits of both 5G mobile service and 2.5 gig residential internet speeds, both have access to the same levels of connectivity, or better, than the nation’s largest cities.

“For two rural communities way up in Northwest Alaska to have arguably better connectivity than New York City, more than 3,500 miles away, is a huge deal,” said GCI Rural Affairs Director Jenifer Nelson. “GCI is committed to closing the digital divide in Alaska, and with the arrival of 5G in Nome and Kotzebue, we are two big steps closer to our goal.”

GCI was the first provider to launch true 5G NR service in Alaska when it turned up 5G service in Anchorage in 2020 and continues to expand its 5G footprint in additional communities. Over the last three years, GCI has made significant 5G investments in Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks, Girdwood, Juneau, Kodiak, Palmer, Talkeetna, Valdez, Wasilla and Unalaska, in addition to the most recent upgrades in Nome and Kotzebue.

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Headquartered in Alaska, GCI provides data, mobile, video, voice and managed services to consumer, business, government, and carrier customers throughout Alaska, serving more than 200 communities. The company has invested more than $4 billion in its Alaska network and facilities over the past 40 years and recently launched true standards-based 5G NR service in Anchorage, now the nation’s northernmost 5G service area. Learn more about GCI at GCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Broadband Corporation (Nasdaq: LBRDA, LBRDK, LBRDP). Learn more about Liberty Broadband at