Fiber on board the MV Unalaq
Closing the Digital Divide

New GCI fiber project to bring high-speed internet, unlimited data plans to Deering, Kivalina

With six projects currently underway, GCI is bringing fiber to 27 rural Alaska communities

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Super-fast internet speeds and unlimited data plans are coming to Deering and Kivalina! The subsea fiber project, recently announced by GCI, will deliver 2.5 gigabit per second speeds to residential customers in the coming years to both Northwest Alaska communities. 

Crews load subsea fiber on board the M/V Unalaq in early August 2023.

In late August, GCI began to deploy approximately 170 miles of fiber connecting Kivalina and Deering to existing fiber-optic infrastructure in Kotzebue. The majority of the subsea fiber work is expected to be completed this fall. In 2024, GCI teams will begin building out fiber to homes and business. Once the project is complete, residential customers will have access to 2.5 gig internet speeds, unlimited data, and the same plans and pricing as GCI customers in Anchorage. 

“GCI is currently building out six major broadband fiber projects in 27 rural communities across Alaska,” said GCI Chief Communications Officer Heather Handyside. “These are some of the most-remote communities in the nation and our projects demonstrate GCI’s commitment to closing the digital divide in Alaska. We couldn’t be prouder of our extraordinary team of experts. Everyone — from project managers to engineers to grant compliance officers to network technicians — is focused on getting these projects done and done right so we can connect even more Alaskans.”

Crews have already been hard at work in the region, preparing the shore landing sites for the arrival of fiber and the installation of specially equipped shelters that will connect the subsea fiber to the local network that will deliver connectivity to homes and businesses.