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GCI mourns the passing of Congressman Don Young

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska suffered a tremendous loss in leadership with the passing of Congressman Don Young last week. A true public servant, Congressman Young was a champion for Alaska issues over his 45 years in the United States House of Representatives.

Moving to Alaska in 1959, Congressman Young settled in Fort Yukon, a small community above the Arctic Circle. His time living in rural Alaska from the early days of statehood gave him unique perspective about the needs of the young state that he carried with him to Washington, D.C. where remained a fierce advocate during his 25 terms.

“Congressman Young made significant, lasting impacts on Alaska,” said GCI CEO and Co-Founder Ron Duncan. “I first met Congressman Young in 1979 when GCI was battling at the FCC to gain permission to build a competitive telecom network in Alaska. Don was the first of the delegation to recognize the benefits of competitive telecommunications service and became an ardent advocate for both competition and rural investment. Don played a key role in ensuring all Alaskans have access to connectivity. He was funny and fun to be around. He was the poster child for political incorrectness, but he was good spirited and could get along with almost anyone. He leaves behind an enduring, one-of-a-kind legacy and will be sorely missed.”

“I first met Congressman Young in 1979, when he and the late Senator Ted Stevens were battling, against great odds, to protect Alaska’s interests during the Alaska Lands debate,” said GCI President and COO Greg Chapados. “From the very start, I realized that his commitment to Alaska was unconditional and inexhaustible. He never stopped believing in our state’s destiny as a strategic provider of energy, minerals, and renewable resources to the rest of the nation, and he never stopped fighting to improve the life of every Alaskan. We at GCI join the rest of Alaska in mourning the loss of an Alaska Trailblazer.”

Rep. Young was the longest-serving Republican in the history of the House of Representatives, and he served as Chairman on a number of committees including: the House Natural Resources Committee, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs (IIANA), the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Natural Resources Committee.

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