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Making an impact in Alaska with the GCI Suicide Prevention Fund

Application extended for grant program prioritizing rural communities

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Mental health challenges affect people everywhere, regardless of location, gender, culture, or race. These challenges reach even the most remote corners of the world, where the need for support is crucial. This is particularly true for youth, who can be especially vulnerable to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes like suicide.

Each year since 2016, the GCI Suicide Prevention Fund has provided $100,000 to support initiatives and organizations dedicated to preventing suicide and offering support to those affected by it. Past recipients have made significant strides in suicide prevention and mental health awareness and have profoundly impacted individuals and communities across the state.

The grant application for the 2025 GCI Suicide Prevention Fund grant cycle has been extended. Applications are due by Friday, June 21.

The Aleut Community of St. Paul Island was one of 13 programs supported in 2023 through the GCI Suicide Prevention Fund as part of the company's ongoing effort to combat suicide and promote mental health awareness in Alaska.

St. Paul Island has significantly less access to resources as a remote island in the central Bering Sea. In response to this need for support, the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Government launched the Living Our Culture project aimed specifically at suicide prevention among youth. This initiative seeks to provide comprehensive support through community engagement, mental health education, and accessible resources. By addressing the unique cultural and environmental factors affecting this region's youth, the Living Our Culture project is creating a sustainable model for mental health support on St. Paul Island.

Living Our Culture holds weekly community youth groups with alternating focuses to discuss mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and promote healing, wellness, self-love, and sharing words of encouragement from peers and elders. Modeled after the Native Youth Are Medicine campaign, the project is adapted to local culture and values.

"Suicide has been an ongoing problem in the community,” said Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Healing and Wellness Director, April Kushin. “Currently, no after-school programs focus on suicide prevention through peer-to-peer support, education, or youth activities.”

The Healing and Wellness Department has partnered with several key organizations and departments within the Aleut Community of St Paul Island Tribal Government to enhance its suicide prevention efforts for youth on the island. Collaborations include the Department of Business and Economic Development for entrepreneurship and educational opportunities, the Ecosystem Conservation Office for climate change education and marine clean-up activities, and the Culture and Language Department for cultural relevance and translation expertise. The Bering Sea Campus provides skill development and educational opportunities. Additionally, the Southcentral Foundation St. Paul Health Center offers physical health education, and the Pribilof School District provides K-12 education on the island.

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