GCI_Unalaska community
AU-Aleutians Fiber Project

Unalaska becomes GCI’s newest unlimited market!

With access to GCI+ plan, unlimited internet and mobile service is more affordable than ever before

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Unalaska is now unlimited! GCI is now offering its full suite of urban-level internet and wireless plans, including bundling services through the company’s flagship GCI+ product, in the remote Aleutian community. The launch of these plans in Unalaska means residents don’t just have access to urban level connectivity, but urban level prices as well.

GCI+ combines Alaska’s fastest internet and unlimited mobile service with plans starting at just $99.99 per month. Upgrades for speed and unlimited usage are available at three additional levels.

“The launch of unlimited 2 gig internet service in Unalaska late last year was a huge accomplishment but becoming a GCI+ market with mobile and internet takes things to the next level,” said GCI Chief Marketing Officer Kate Slyker. “With the new infrastructure and urban-level plans for internet and mobile service in place, we’re able to offer fast, reliable connectivity more affordably than ever before in Unalaska!”

GCI welcomed its first residential Unalaska 2 gig internet customers in December 2022.

GCI crews are currently working in King Cove and Sand Point, preparing each community for their own launches of 2.5 gig internet later in 2023. Once complete, residents of both communities, each with a population of approximately 900 year-round residents, will have access to GCI+ unlimited internet and wireless plans.

To ensure access to lightning-fast 2,500 Mbps home internet speeds this year, residents of King Cove and Sand Point must fill out this form on the GCI website. The form gives GCI permission to build out GCI’s fiber network to the premises and to install necessary equipment. Completing this form does NOT commit residents to GCI service but does ensure that the necessary equipment is in place should a resident choose to become a GCI customer in the future. Once the installation crews leave King Cove and Sand Point this summer, they will begin work in other fiber project communities across the state. Local residents who decide to become GCI customers after the crews leave may face significant wait-times before installation crews and specialized equipment return to the community.

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