King Cove groundwork
AU-Aleutians Fiber Project

Schools, clinics connected to GCI fiber in three more Aleutians Fiber Project communities

Healthcare professionals, educators now have access to resources those in urban areas have long taken for granted

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – GCI crews have successfully launched fiber-optic connectivity for the schools and clinics in King Cove, Sand Point and Akutan. This marks a major milestone in the company’s AU-Aleutians Fiber Project, which will connect a dozen Aleutian, Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island communities to GCI’s 6,000+ mile subsea fiber-optic network.

Bringing fiber to some of the state’s most-remote education and healthcare facilities is a significant step toward closing the digital divide in rural Alaska.

“Imagine even one day without students having access to media-rich learning materials or educational videos in the classroom or a doctor being unable to quickly exchange information with specialists in other parts of the state,” said Vice President of GCI Healthcare and Education Annette Jones. “For most of us, it’s unthinkable. Now, healthcare professionals and educators in these three communities will have ready access to the resources those in urban areas have long taken for granted.”

GCI crews are currently preparing for the launch of residential 2.5 gig internet speeds in King Cove and Sand Point. The service, which is expected to be available to customers by the end of 2023, will bring urban speeds, plans, pricing and unlimited data to both communities.

“Our crews are working hard and we’re on track to meet our end of 2023 deadline to launch 2.5 gig residential internet speeds to the residents of King Cove and Sand Point,” said GCI Senior Project Manager Mike Bertsch. “Our crews are currently deploying fiber-optic cable throughout the thousands of feet of conduit installed in both communities.”

To ensure access to lightning-fast 2,500 Mbps home internet speeds this year, residents of King Cove and Sand Point must fill out this form on the GCI website. The form gives GCI permission to build out GCI’s fiber network to the premises and to install necessary equipment. Completing this form does NOT commit residents to GCI service but does ensure that the necessary equipment is in place should a resident choose to become a GCI customer in the future. Once the installation crews leave King Cove and Sand Point this summer, they will begin work in other fiber project communities across the state. Local residents who decide to become GCI customers after the crews leave may face significant wait-times before installation crews and specialized equipment return to the community.

Being mindful of local communities’ customs, culture and priorities when building out the Aleutians Fiber project, GCI has retained cultural monitors through Area M Consulting, which will be involved for the duration of the project. The cultural monitor team, led by King Cove native Sean Mack, will monitor construction and record and identify any unexpected and uncovered historical sites.

“Including the villages, tribes and local residents in the process of the project has been a priority for us since the inception of AU-Aleutians,” said GCI Rural Affairs Director Jenifer Nelson. “We recognize and respect the traditions of those who have long called these communities home and I’m extremely happy that Sean and his team will be working alongside us throughout the project to ensure the preservation of Unangax̂ culture and history."

The AU-Aleutians Fiber Project runs approximately 800 miles from Kodiak along the south side of the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutians to Unalaska. The project, which currently delivers 2,500 Mbps residential internet speeds to Unalaska, will bring urban speeds, plans and pricing to King Cove, Unalaska, Sand Point, Akutan, Chignik Bay, Chignik Lake, Chignik Lagoon, Cold Bay, Larsen Bay, False Pass, Ouzinkie, and Port Lions.

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